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Welcome to Starshine Healing Songs!​

This project is my Heartsong and I am so excited to share it with you. I'm a classically trained, professional singer and voice teacher and about 5 years ago, began to intuitively receive songs I had never heard to give to individuals in my life who were struggling. It helped them to feel better, and thus, Starshine Healing Songs was born!!


The premise is simple:  You send me your name (or your loved one's name) and anything you wish to share about what you'd like help with, and I will listen in stillness until your unique HEALING SONG comes through me. Then, I will record it, polish it, and send it to you. Several people have called them "Musical Prescriptions", and that seems to be a good description. I've received wonderful feedback from song recipients who have shared a reduction of bothersome symptoms including sinus headaches and adrenal fatigue, and a promotion of emotional healing such as profound releasing of grief and a clear, pervading sense of calm and comfort. Each song is different, but several things remain steadfast: they are meditative in quality, infused with Divine, healing energy (Reiki), and usually involve some Healing Words that come to me. You can listen to them as many times as you like and my intention for them is total healing, love, and comfort for the listener. I also love to share healing and support through Voice Lessons, Reiki, and Live Performances, including Sound Healing Concerts and Meditation Retreats.

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A little more about me: Growing up, I was always singing. Fast-forward to age 24, where I received a Master's Degree in Voice from a prestigious opera program...yet somehow, I still wasn't fulfilled. I had plenty of performance opportunities, but something was missing. After lots of introspection, I found that for me to be happy, I need to feel like I am contributing to others' well-being. My ways are writing Healing Songs, Reiki, Life Coaching, and teaching Voice Lessons. What are yours? :)